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Inspire Nevada offers engaging beginner & Intermediate level gymnastics classes designed specifically for children aged 3&up. Our classes create a fun and safe environment where young children can explore the world of gymnastics and develop essential foundational skills.

With a focus on playfulness and age-appropriate activities, our experienced instructors introduce children to the basic elements of gymnastics. We guide them through exercises that promote coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and body awareness, ensuring they learn fundamental movements such as jumping, rolling, balancing, and basic tumbling.

In our classes, children have the opportunity to explore various gymnastics apparatus, including floor exercises, balance beams, mini-bars, and soft vaulting equipment. Through creative and engaging exercises, they gain confidence and proficiency in these fundamental skills. Our supportive and encouraging atmosphere allows children to learn and progress at their own pace. Our instructors provide individual attention and guidance, ensuring that each child feels comfortable and confident as they develop their gymnastics skills.

Beyond physical fitness, we believe gymnastics enhances cognitive and social skills. Participating in our beginner gymnastics classes helps children develop discipline, focus, spatial awareness, and teamwork. They also build self-confidence and cultivate a positive attitude towards physical activity.

Join us at Inspire Nevada, where your child's excitement and confidence will grow. Our beginner classes provide the perfect starting point for young gymnasts to discover their passion and lay a strong foundation for future achievements in gymnastics.

Class Description

Our Gymnastics Class is thoughtfully structured to cater to students with varying levels of experience. From those with no prior gymnastics knowledge to those who have some foundational skills, we provide a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone to learn and grow.

Skill Development

In our Gymnastics Class, students will engage in a progressive curriculum that covers many aspects of gymnastics. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each skill, ensuring a safe and effective learning experience. Here are some of the skills covered in our class:

Our students will learn a variety of floor exercises, including rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back/front walkovers, and back handsprings. These exercises help develop body control, coordination, and strength.

Your child will have the opportunity to focusing on balance, precision, and confidence. They will learn various elements such as jumps, turns, leaps, and some acrobatic skills on the beam.

In our classes students will learn how to perform explosive and dynamic movements. They will develop techniques for running, jumping, and agility training

Students will explore simple moves on the low bar learning a range of skills, including swings, pullovers, front and back hip circles. They will develop upper body strength, coordination, and the ability to combine movements seamlessly.

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